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This is an Adventure.

Give Wanderous a destination and it will tell you how to get there... with a twist. The route Wanderous suggests will wander to scenic parks, notable landmarks, bustling city corridors, and entertaining attractions. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

For locals and travelers. Get outside and take the first step. A step towards the unknown. Towards new experience. Towards adventure.

Screenshot of an Active Expedition in the Wanderous App
Free for a limited time.
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Discover Interesting Places

Wanderous is like a treasure map revealing the amazing places all around you.

Start an Expedition

Pick a route that visits the Spots of your choosing along the way. Walk or drive.

Track Where you Go

See the territory you have uncovered and where you have yet to explore.

App Screenshots

Screenshot of Creating a new Expedition

Choosing what Spots to nagivate to for a New Expedition.

Screenshot of Exploring a Spot

Exploring a Spot before continuing on.

Screenshot of for a limited timeed Expedition's Summary

Summary of a completed Expedition.

Screenshot of the Fog of World showing where you've been

Fog view showing what territory has been explored on the map.